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    HTML5, CSS3 & JS

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    Bottom up design

    Continuous Improvement

    Technical Support

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    we create simple websites

    Your website should grow with your business, from the ground up.

    Adding autonomous and dynamic features as and when needed in small incremental steps.


how we work

Your business website is equipment used to create, manage and increase your sales. Your business needs are unique to your niche and your website need to be flexible to adjust to those needs. One size don't fit all and is a fluid environment.

step 1

Initial domain name registration, account setup, your business discussion and what you would like your website to handle as well as future expansion.

step 2

Basic design, landing page, additional pages and going live with static version of your site.

step 3

Addition of database, database design, normalization and initial dynamic features.

step 4

Web service management, updates, upgrades and continuous improvement.

our services

We are a small business and work closely with our customers to provide web solutions. We are of the believe that a web service should provide a one-stop-shop to deliver a functional web experience capable of handling everyday changes. Our services are designed to deliver this.

Logo design

Simplistic design

Uncomplicated, easily understood & memorized designs


Design services

Adding extra touches

Stock Photos

Supplied or fresh

We understand the need for your own stock photos

Hosting services

Small but efficient

We are small and can give you the attention you crave

SSL Certificates

Required today

SSL certificate management is a requirement on most e-commerce sites today


Root cause methodology

Our small team can dedicate the time needed to solve complex matters

clean idea and unique design

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothingleft to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

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get in touch

We would like to hear from you and your small business. Your website could be live in a few days. Contact us or phone us for a discussion and lets talk how we can make your website a reality.


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